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Amazon Sourcing

Occasionally a customer will need a product that is unavailable through our normal supply channels, but is available on Amazon.com. In those instances we are able to source the product for you from Amazon and please note that if you are a member of the TIPS Interlocal Purchasing System, your purchase will be fully compliant as long as the product you are purchasing is within the office/school supplies category, or the office furniture category. We are an approved vendor in both of these categories with TIPS, and any products outside these categories (ex. clothing, personal items, music, etc.) will not be approved purchases.

How to determine your Amazon Source Pricing:

Note: We recommend choosing items that qualify for Amazon Prime if at all possible.

Minimum order size is $75 per order (ex: 3 items at $25.00 ea. meets minimum). We will add 12% to total Amazon price (including any shipping or other charges), plus a $5.00 order processing fee.

Ex: ( a.) Amazon  item cost $200 with free shipping: $200 x 1.12 = $224 + $5.00 = $229

        (b.) Amazon  item cost $75 with $10 shipping : $75 x 1.12 = $84 + $10 = $94 + $5 = $99

Amazon marketplace prices may fluctuate depending on available inventory and who the seller is on a given ASIN / Item.  Neither we (nor anyone else) can control, or “lock in” an Amazon price.  Even items placed in an active shopping cart are subject to change up until final checkout. 

How to place an Amazon Source order:

Please provide us with the quantity and ASIN Number of the item(s) you’re needing to order.  Note that books have ISBN numbers and the same book (same ISBN #) will be listed many times from different sellers in different conditions (new, used, paperback, etc.), in these cases we will need to know both the ISBN and who the seller is.

Contact Us to submit your request.

Returns / Questions:

All returns will be subject to Amazon.com and/or sellers policies and are subject to a 40% restocking charge, also due to the vast number of products offered on Amazon we are not able to answer technical questions and/or offer product advice. It is up to you to thoroughly research any products that you are not familiar with.

Helpful Hints:

Locating product identifiers on Amazon.  

ASIN Number

Scroll down the Amazon listing to find the Product Details section and the ASIN number will be there.


The following links are to be used for individual purchases and checkout will be through Amazon.com.


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